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Our Service Philosophy.

The H.E.A.R.D. approach.

HEAR - Listening without interruption
EMPATHIZE - Acknowledge the customer’s feelings and try to understand them
APOLOGIZE - Apologize for inconvenience
RESOLVE - Refocus on what is most important: The actual problem and to find a resolution to the issue
DIAGNOSE - Present the solution

Below are some of the commonly asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your request feel to chat us up via our messenger or write an e-mail to

We will respond within 48h.

Where is AMG Performance Wear manufactured?

All items are designed and developed by ASSOS of Switzerland at its headquarters outside of Lugano / Switzerland.
Our products are handcrafted within the European Union and follow rigorous quality assembly standards set by ASSOS. 

What is the AMG Falljacket made off?

The Falljacket is a tribute to tailoring technique. It is compiled out of 7 textiles and 36 components. 
Each textile and component is designed to serve a specific purpose, assembled with care by a specialist in an annually limited production run due to capacity limits. 
The main textile is a specifically developed 3 layer textile sandwich with the main purpose of shielding from penetrating cold air and insulating your microClima by retaining your body heat. Not only is it pretty, its also pretty highTec just like your AMG.

Can I use AMG Performance Wear for sports?

AMG Performance Wear was developed and designed with the driver's requirements at heart. That does mean full compatibility for sportive endeavours.
Our clothing is suitable for Sports and Activities.

How do I wash AMG Performance Wear?

We recommend to not wash it hotter than 30°C and with only a little amount of colour detergents. Drying it with a dryer is neither recommended nor necessary.
For detailed instructions see our clothing labels.

What is the right size for me?

To find the right size consult our size finder.
Our 2-factor size verification will help you determine the right fit for you.
First take the suggestion based on your height and weight.
Then measure your hip and chest and compare the size suggestion.
If you are between sizes or two are suggested go with your personal liking.
Our products are meant for performance and designed that way.
Which means they are cut very sportive and in a snug way.

Where is your size finder?

You find the size finder on every of our product sites. 
It’s right at the same place where you can add an item to your cart. We offer a size finder for metric measures as well as US/ British measures.

Why don't you ship to my country?

We ship everywhere AMGs are sold.

If your country is not on the list do not hesitate to reach out to us via our messenger or at

Why is it more expensive to ship an order overseas?

We ship everything from Munich.
International shipments travel a long way and postage fee’s are calculated based on the travel distance and fuel consumption of the parcel.

Can my shipping adress differ from the billing adress?

As long as the applicable tax laws are the same, they can differ.

Do I have to pay taxes on my purchase?

The applicable taxes are dependent on the billing country.
If you order from a country within the EU, according to the German laws we have to raise VAT of 19% on our products. 
If you order from a non-EU country your order is free of taxes. During the check-out you will see your final prize (with or without taxes).

My discount code is not applicable. What can I do?

First, please make sure you used the correct discount code. 
Applying a discount code is possible in the last step before you place your order. This last step is also where you choose your payment method. 
If you are sure the discount code is correct and it is still not working, please contact us via our messenger or at to receive assistance.

How does it work with duties and customs?

For deliveries outside of the European Union duties and customs may apply.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If the shipment has not left our fulfillment center we are happy to change your order.
Following our refund policy we can also cancel your order.
Please contact us via our messenger or at

When will I receive my product? How long does it take to get delivered?

Our fulfillment center will process your order within one business day after receipt of payment.
Once your shipment has left our warehouse you will receive an automated notification e-mail and/or SMS that contains the tracking information.
We deliver world wide through DHL.
For detailed information about shipping countries and delivery times and costs please see our shipping table.
For deliveries outside of the European Union customs duties may apply.

The tracking number I received says that my order has been delivered, but I’m not able to locate it. What should I do?

We rely on DHL to be diligent in there work. Sometimes parcels to not get delivered though and are sent back to our fulfillment center.

Please reach out to us via our messenger or

We will follow up with the carrier to make sure to understand the whereabouts of your delivery.

How can I return my products or exchange for a different size?

Simply contact us via

You will receive a return label and instructions about the exchange process.

Return label only available for German orders.

My item has been damaged or has a defect. What should I do?

Our products are designed in a way that not only alterations but repairs are easily done by any tailor.
Performance apparel does wear out over time and use.
Should you , in the unlikely event, experience any quality issues within the first 3 months it can be considered a manufacturing default and your garment will be replaced by us.
All issues after this period, will be examined individually and repaired free of charge where applicable. 
Please contact us via our messenger or at